Our life seasons

After a longtime of observation, I finally understood how nature works. It is just like a human being soul, each season is mysteriously related to our moods.

Winter,the coldest season of the year, quite reminds me of those moments when I feel broken and icy inside. Moments when I can’t stop shivering and sobbing.

Spring, one of my favorite in the four conventional temperate seasons and here is why. I just love spring cleaning!

Spring cleaning isn’t just about getting rid of things that hold old memories. It is a chance to redefine yourself, to clean any negative thought that tears us down. It is a chance to change expectations. Ever since, my family and I never forget to make a spring cleaning list. Ever since, through the season, I let my soul bloom like a flower.

Summer, it reminds me of those moments when I can’t hold back a laughter. Moments when I feel the love from my family and friends floating around my heart. When it’s all warm inside.

Fall, the harvest season. After those lovely fun moments of summer, I harvest peace, serenity and harmony.

Sometimes we see our lives as a perfect mess. We have an intuition of being that garden always facing those 4 same seasons, but remember “Every year isn’t the same”. Your next winter won’t be tough as the first. Once you fall, you get up stronger.

So erase those worries because tomorrow everything will be alright.

Life is a journey full of surprises!!

Later guys 😉

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