New eyes

I have been told plenty of times to talk to someone when I feel grief stricken. But I think, I don’t know how to try. I attempted to talk and no one listened. My words kept on coming back like an echo. I see people walking around me but I feel lonely, abandoned.

Someone please hold me close to your heart beat: I can’t hear mine anymore!!

The bitterness is buried so deep inside. The phrase “Let me be free” became my prayer every single night. I endeavour to hold back a tear but in the end, I release a screech. I wear fake smiles , forcing a happy face to feel better. However, emotions always win over logic.

One month ago, your parents divorced.

Three weeks ago, your mum died of cancer.

Two weeks ago, at the end of the term, your report was ugly as hell despite your efforts and prayers.

Five days ago, your best friend, the person you trusted the most, the one you shared a lot, betrayed you. And now, all you are left with is a broken story.

Yesterday, you quibbled with your dad on your habits of skipping classes.

Sometimes, our lives slowly turn into our worst nightmare yet we can’t escape it. Submerged in an atrocious sorrow, we ask ourselves, if we should let it go and drown. Every sunset, we look for a hand to hold, a joke to laugh at, a shoulder to cry on. We wish for a better friend, parent, sister or brother.

We wish for a better life !!!

We keep on waiting for something big and the clock keeps on ticking. Our hair become grey, our age older. In the end, we realize that what we had from the start was way better.

We do not need to escape circumstances, we need to be present in them. We  might think that they make us weak but they actually make us stronger. What hurts can be healed. Just because things go wrong, doesn’t mean they are out of our control.

We do not need to see new things, we need to see the same old things with new eyes.

Once you believe in the beauty of life, you can cruise through it. Turn around and take a good look. Behold your life in general. If you don’t see any goodness or how lucky you are, you haven’t looked well enough.

Later people !

17 thoughts on “New eyes”

  1. Hey my lovely Friend.I really like this blog, it’s so emotional and holds a good message that touches every Human heart. Keep it up. Be blessed


  2. You’re still a hopeless optimistic I see, but you should also know that your so called good in life isn’t always there and when you look for it all you do is stare at a dark void sucking all the happines and joy from your life to leave an empty shell devoid of emotion or feelings.
    Not every life is worth living my old friend.

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    1. I am not a hopeless optimistic. I don’t hope for a better life because I live a better life. As you said what I call good isn’t always there but it is. Life is not perfect, I admit but it is beautiful. Every life is worth living because even what you call dark, is not meant to stay longer. Where the darkness is, there is always light nearby, old friend.

      Anyway I like your comments!!


  3. You’re so naive it’s cute.
    Of course you’d think that life is good because yours is but as I type this there is someone out there who hasn’t eaten for days, there’s an orphan wondering why he doesn’t have a Mum or Dad, there’s a kid who’s depressed while having a seemingly perfect life, there’s a woman being abused and caged in her own home, there is a kid who’s trying to live up to what people expect of him but can’t, there’s a teenage girl who’s wondering if she should keep the baby or not, there’s a man drowning in alcohol and drugs to try and dumb the pain, there’s a mother of many trying to find what to feed her children tonight, there’s a boy who’s forced to join a gang because there’s no other way out, there’s a man who is trynna keep his family safe but is crumbling in debt, there’s a kid asking God why it had to be him, there’s a father who just found out his daughter just died, there’s thousands of broken lives and of millions of tortured souls that are begging to not wake up the next day.
    Try to tell a man who just lost his wife to cancer that tommorrow’s better, or to a car crash surviver stuck in a wheel chair that there’s hope for a better day.
    We all mind our own lives and don’t stick our heads out long enough to see that we’re not the only ones on this Earth and that we aren’t no better than the next person.
    A wise man said ”Buriwese akurura yishyira”
    There’s no light at the end of the tunnel when it’s sealed my friend.


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