The monetary flame within

Blinded by the sun, I got thirsty. we were picnicking. I was four, I wore my favourite pink dress, a smile and a twinkle in my eyes. I heard a loud siren and screamed with joy “Ice cream!” My cousins and I rushed up to the ice cream van. I asked for a chocolate vanilla ice cream.

The man told me,” Sorry! I need money, go ask your dad.”

I had to give something in return. My dad gave me a paper bill.

Next time, when I went for ice cream, I torn a paper from my note book and gave it to the ice-cream man.

He looked at the paper and said,” Young lady, this isn’t money. I need real money!”

My paper was missing numbers.

Later in life, I learned that I have to work hard and earn the paper money that has numbers.We are not just born with them!

A hundred years ago, freedom was life. A hundred years later , money is life. I guess, our minds change with time. Our happiness, dreams and future depend on money, on how many zeros we have after a number in our bank accounts. Most of us go to school not for the sake of knowledge but for money. We choose careers that guarantees the depth of our pockets. Unfortunately, it’s never enough for us. A “greedy-itis” is all it is!

Money is the difference between two continents, two countries, two individuals and two wallets.

Money is a measure of our capacities and our power. If you are not rich, you will always be called ” A nobody.” It separate us into different social classes ( upper, middle, lower) yet we are not different at all.Without money, death is near. Mothers die from depression and dads from desperation.

Money makes us selfish, sad and mad than a hatter. We lose our minds before our hearts stop. Money challenges love. It breaks a family, a couple and a heart. We learn how to make sacrifices and how to share.

We cry for it,

We lie for it,

We kill for it,

We die for it.

Without money, we are terrified that the world will never know our names. But who cares? It will always buy items that won’t last forever, that’s its limit.

Money is like fire. If you get too close, it will burn you. If you keep your distance, it will just warm you.

Use it wisely!

Later people

3 thoughts on “The monetary flame within”

  1. You are right!we do not have to be esclaves of money! Even if we need it to live !It never gives us that peace of mind the family love can give in any situation🤔!

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