Cold shoulder

I remember when I was a kid, what inspirited me the most to go to school was to play with my friends. But little did I know , I will lose them. Ever since, I was young, I had friends. However, I never understood why I kept on looking for a new playmate. Was it because I felt secured in a crowd of people or because I haven’t met yet the fitting friends?

It’s crazy how you can make prodigious sacrifices for someone who won’t even say “Thank you” back. At a snail’s pace, you start having that intuition of being the gray duck in the story. You feel rejected, abandoned.

Every sunrise illuminates you that there is clearly no friendship off the record. Despite, you opt for imagining it.

They only come to you for a shoulder to cry on but not a friend to laugh with. In need of a help in homeworks but not to help you.

You spend all your summer on a sofa watching Netflix with an ice cream pot, feeling like you are on a long line waiting for your turn to be loved. Unconditionally accepted is all you want. Eventually, you create a facebook and an instagram account. Each fall of the sun below horizon, you count your followers. The bigger the number, the warmer your shoulders gets.

Now, I know why i kept on searching for new friends. Some would kick in teeth and I wanted to remplace them with better ones.

We need to understand that rejection is a fact of life. Soon or later, it comes to us. We need not to be surprised but accept it.

Have you ever asked yourself, why is it hard to make friends as we grow?

We don’t grow into a friendless person.

The thing is, after facing more than three rejections. We tend to isolate ourselves from the world. Not because we hate people but because we are looking for the courage to accept rejection. Once we find it, we become self confident. And that’s when people say ” I know who I am”

Rejection, shake it off and move on.

Let me know your thoughts,

Much love xx

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